Civil Engineering


ADA has participated in several civil engineering projects for both private and public sectors throughout the State of Florida. Projects have included land development, venues such as museums and cultural centers, athletic fields, schools, airports, marine ports, solid waste facilities, and the public Right-of-Way.


  • Basis of Design Reports
  • Site Planning
  • Water Distribution Systems Design
  • Wastewater Collection Systems Design
  • Storm-water Management Systems Design
  • Wastewater Pump Station Design
  • Paving, Grading and Drainage Design
  • Pavement Design
  • Permitting with state, local and federal agencies
  • Storm-water Modeling



Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) offers 200,000 square feet of programmable space, including 120,000 square feet of interior space – more than three times the size of the Museum’s previous facility. It includes approximately 80,000 square feet of exterior program space for the display of works of art, educational activities, relaxation and dining.

A.D.A. Engineering, Inc. (ADA) worked with the museum architects and the design team through all aspects of Schematic Design, Design Documentation, Construction Documentation, Bidding and Negotiation and Construction Administration for the museum. ADA designed a covered parking garage with gravel parking areas with the concept of green parking technique and to recharge the ground water. Accessibility, climate, soil type, traffic volume and long term performance were considered along with costs and storm water quality controls when choosing the paving materials. The green parking techniques were implemented to effectively reduce the amount of impervious cover, help protect the groundwater, result in storm water management cost savings, and visually enhance the museum site. The porous pavement was used to reduce runoff from the parking garage. A network of perforated pipes was designed within the porous pavement to collect storm water and to direct it into the exfiltration trenches. Sand filter was used in the trenches as per regulatory requirements to meet water quality treatment. ADA also prepared plans for removal/relocation of existing water mains and fire hydrants. ADA prepared the Soil Management Plans for the site and has also secured the necessary permits from the respective agencies to do the site soil remediation work.

PAMM received a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Gold rating.


In November 2004, with the passage of the General Obligation Bond, Miami-Dade County approved $175 million to create a new science museum. The City of Miami also passed a resolution to provide 4 acres of downtown’s Bicentennial Park for the Museum and issued $3.5 million to support the new Museum’s site development. Alongside its sister project, the Frost Art Museum, the two side by side museums combine science, art and history into one area of Museum Park.


The 200,000-square foot Science Museum includes an aquarium spanning three floors, with mangroves and seagrass at the top, a tropical coral reef in the middle, a rooftop observatory, and a 300-seat planetarium and a wildlife center.


ADA was selected to provide civil engineering services for the science museum. ADA provided the lay-out for the preliminary site infrastructure including the storm water management system; water distribution system; wastewater collection system; and identified and resolved all utility conflicts. As part of the design development services which included the planning for the site layout, engineering analysis and design, and preliminary specifications, ADA also prepared the permit application packages for the project, including a conceptual drainage permit and master plan that included the science and art museums as well as Museum Drive. ADA also provided design and permitting for the natural salt water intake pipes from the bay to the aquarium.


The designed water distribution system included 12″ DIP water main along the Museum Drive, fire hydrants, fire services with double detector check valve assembly and water services with pressure zone backflow preventer. The proposed gravity sanitary sewer system was designed along the Museum Drive and included 10″ and 12″ C-900 piping and manholes. The science museum and art museum will be connected to the main gravity sewer system with proposed laterals.


Frost Science Museum opened early May 2017 and is expected to attain a LEED Gold rating.


ADA was contracted by the City of Doral to perform miscellaneous planning, design and construction management projects on a work order basis. The scope of work includes roadways, drainage, structural, bridge, electrical, mechanical, traffic engineering, civil/site planning, water and sewer, environmental assessments and engineering, land use and zoning, architectural design and space planning, construction management, and project management. ADA has held three consecutive contracts for General Engineering & Architectural Services. Under these contracts, ADA has worked on the projects listed below.

  • Canal Bank Stabilization Assessment Report – Project included the development of the report documenting the existing conditions of the canal banks maintained by the City of Doral. ADA developed a 10-year Canal Capital Improvement Plan (CCIP).


  • Canal Embankment Restoration Project Fiscal Year 1 and 2 Design – The scope of work entailed the development of 100 percent design drawings, specification, and construction cost estimates for the canals showing high levels of erosion under Fiscal Years 1 and 2 of the City of Doral’s CCIP. ADA also assisted the City in obtaining all required permits for construction. The Year 2 project received a “Project of the Year” Award from the American Public Works Association.


  • Canal Embankment Restoration Project Fiscal Year 1 and 2 Construction Administration Services – ADA has reviewed shop drawings and addressed Request for Clarification from the Contractor.
  • Drainage Feasibility Study for the Intersection of NW 82nd Avenue and NW 12th Street – ADA prepared a Drainage Feasibility Study to address the flooding at the intersection of NW 82nd Avenue and NW 12th Street. As part of this project, ADA performed hydraulic/hydrologic calculations using the SR 836 and NW 87th Avenue corridor improvements ICPR to analyze the existing and proposed alternative systems. ADA developed a preliminary drainage system layout of the preferred alternative and associated opinion of probable cost estimate.


  • Drainage Improvements for NW 25th Terrace from NW 99th to 100th Avenue – ADA was tasked with the preparation of construction plans to address the flooding along NW 25th Terrace from NW 99th to 100th Avenue. ADA’s assessment helped determine the most efficient and cost effective alternatives for the City, which included the use of a centrifugal water quality structure prior to discharging to the adjacent canal.


The C-44 System Discharge construction contract includes the construction of a 120-foot-long concrete fixed-crest weir spillway (S-404) with an integral gated low level discharge structure; a 1,500-foot-long canal (C-402); and a new District field office including all of the associated roads, swales, drains, instrumentation, and utilities with these features. The C-44 STA construction contract includes six (6) STA cells with 6,300 acres of wetted area, approximately 30 miles each of canals and embankments, and over 50 water control structures including all of the associated roads, swales, drains, instrumentation, and utilities with these features. The C-44 Pump Station (S- 401) construction contract includes the construction of 1,100 cubic feet per second (cfs) electric two-story pump station, 600 feet of the 200-foot-wide C-44 Intake Canal (C- 400), and all of the associated roads, swales, drains, instrumentation, and utilities with these features. As part of this project, ADA is providing engineering during construction for the STA and reservoir project and is completing an O&M Manual to submit to the field station at the completion of the project.

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