Construction Management


Diversified in both horizontal and vertical construction, ADA has the required expertise and ability to manage constraints with schedule and budget in order to deliver projects. We’ve provided these services for both private and public sectors in South Florida.


  • Construction Management
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating
  • Construction Engineering Inspections
  • Claims Analysis


Ocean Outfall Legislation Injection Well Plan Implementation Management. Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department.

ADA was contracted by Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department to provide Construction Phase Services for Contract W-930 and the Backfilling of the Finger Canal located at the South Miami Heights Water Treatment Plant site. The construction is comprised of two separate projects. Contract W-930 is separated into two parts. Part A includes the construction of (1) Class V Injection Well, (1) Dual-Zone Monitor Well and other incidental activities. The Class V Injection Well will be constructed to a depth of approximately 3,500 feet below land surface (bls) and the Dual- Zone Monitor Well to a depth of approximately 1,850 bls. Part B includes the construction of (3) Upper Floridan Aquifer Test Production Wells and other incidental activities. The test wells will be constructed to an approximate depth of 1,400 feet (bls) at the Roberta Hunter Park, Black Creek Canal site and the SMHWTP.

The second project consists of the backfilling of the existing finger canal located within the SMHWTP site. The approximate length of the canal is 550 feet.

As part of this contract, ADA is providing pre-construction services, on site construction services and substantial completion/project close- out. ADA's staff is observing construction activities for adherence to the contract documents.

Construction Inspection Services for Miami International Airport E Satellite Apron Modifications. Miami Dade Aviation Department.

The Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) is proposing apron modifications for Concourse E at Miami International Airport (MIA). MIA is the primary airport serving the Miami area and is located in an unincorporated area in Miami-Dade County, Florida, eight miles (13 km) northwest of Downtown Miami, in metropolitan Miami, between the cities of Miami, Hialeah, Doral, Miami Springs and the village of Virginia Gardens. The project is comprised of fueling, concrete, pavement repairs and electrical improvements. ADA’s scope of working entails construction observations for the concrete and pavement improvements associated with the apron at Concourse E. ADA’s Field Representative is monitoring the improvements associated with the Spot 15 Taxilane. Improvements will consist of milling asphalt 2”, prime and sand exposed base and repave with P-401.ADA’s services are projected for a construction period of 12 months from Notice to Proceed (NTP) and 1 month for project closeout.

Construction Management Services for The South Miami Heights Water Treatment Plant. Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department.

The South Miami Heights Water Treatment Plant (SMHWTP) facility will encompass a 20 million gallon per day (MGD) nano-filtration membrane softening plant, including but not limited to, a 5 MGD water reservoir, high service pump station, post treatment chemicals, degassifier contact basin, yard piping including ductile iron pipe (DIP) of 24", 36" and 42" diameter, electrical switch gear, electrical rooms, generators, membrane process equipment, pretreatment strainers and building structures. The plant portion was cancelled but all other components totaling approximately $23M were completed. A.D.A. Engineering, Inc. (ADA) was responsible for the construction management of the project. The construction management (CM) services included full integration of consultant staff with WASD staff to develop a seamless team and provide complete CM coverage commencing with pre-bid services (contract review) through construction closeout. To date, the high service pumpstation and reservoir have been completed. General activities during construction included daily inspections and reporting, maintenance of a daily log, review and approval of construction schedules and schedule of values, responding to Request for Information (RFI’s), processing and authorizing progress payments including allowance accounts, review of change orders as well as performance testing/oversight of plant start-up, review of Operations and Maintenance manuals and certification of the water treatment plant, pipelines and well-field projects.

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