NW 170th Street – 36”Water Main Micro-Tunneling Design Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department

Project Description

The purpose of the project was to provide the design and permitting for a new 36″ DIP water main that will run along NW 170 Street from NW 87th Avenue to the new Hialeah Reverse Osmosis Water Plant. A.D.A. Engineering, Inc. (ADA), as a sub-consultant, was responsible for designing the micro-tunneling portion of the 36” DIP water main that traversed underneath I-75. The micro-tunneling consisted of a 52” Perma-lok casing with spacers.


In addition to the micro-tunneling design, ADA also designed the Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) for the entire project and was responsible for the permitting of the entire water main through the regulatory agencies including FDOT. Periodic site visits were performed during the micro-tunneling operation in order to certify the micro-tunneling portion of the water main.

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