Ocean Outfall Legislation Injection Well Plan Implementation. Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department.

Project Description

ADA was contracted by Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department to provide Construction Phase Services for Contract W-930 and the Backfilling of the Finger Canal located at the South Miami Heights Water Treatment Plant site. The construction is comprised of two separate projects. Contract W-930 is separated into two parts. Part A includes the construction of (1) Class V Injection Well, (1) Dual-Zone Monitor Well and other incidental activities. The Class V Injection Well will be constructed to a depth of approximately 3,500 feet below land surface (bls) and the Dual- Zone Monitor Well to a depth of approximately 1,850 bls. Part B includes the construction of (3) Upper Floridan Aquifer Test Production Wells and other incidental activities. The test wells will be constructed to an approximate depth of 1,400 feet (bls) at the Roberta Hunter Park, Black Creek Canal site and the SMHWTP.

The second project consists of the backfilling of the existing finger canal located within the SMHWTP site. The approximate length of the canal is 550 feet.

As part of this contract, ADA is providing pre-construction services, on site construction services and substantial completion/project close- out. ADA’s staff is observing construction activities for adherence to the contract documents.

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